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Professional licenses as portable as driver’s licenses?

The dream of an interstate compact for professionals—like the one that lets everyone with a driver’s license drive anywhere in the country—took a giant leap forward in June when the Federation of State Medical Boards announced its support for a policy easing practice across state lines.   The federation released draft legislation in July  that would allow physicians meeting certain standards to dodge the requirement of applying for licensing state by state.
While doctors would still have to comply with the laws and rules of each state where they choose to practice, the proposal would “create a new pathway to speed the licensing of doctors seeking to practice medicine in multiple states,” said Humayun Chaudhry, president of the federation. Among the requirements: they have to submit to fingerprinting and other biometric background checks and must pass the medical licensing exam with no more than three attempts.
Kathleen Harrington, in charge of government relations at the Mayo Clinic, expressed support for the development: “Cross-border licensure is a strategic imperative as we move forward in this brave new world.”
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