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Professional Licensing Report is an independent bi-monthly newsletter covering developments and trends in professional licensing and regulation, especially testing and professional discipline.

Published since 1988, Professional Licensing Report is sent by mail and digitally to several hundred subscribers at licensing boards, other state and federal agencies, law firms, associations, testing companies, law schools, and many other organizations.

We bring you the essential news and analysis of important court rulings, licensing board decisions, regulatory initiatives, audits, and policy debates.

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  • Disciplinary actions the courts are reversing
  • What happens to discipline actions when board bias is found
  • Crimes that make licensees subject to discipline, and those that don’t
  • Applicants who fail their exams but win their appeals
  • Non-licensees and new mechanisms to stop them
  • The growth of cheating on licensing exams
  • How boards decide to “triage” incoming complaints
  • What prevents boards from finding test scoring error
  • How some boards save thousands of dollars in printing and personnel costs
  • State funding mechanisms that may deprive boards of legal advice

Those are just some examples of developments, trends, and forecasts we’ve covered in recent issues of Professional Licensing Report.

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