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“Turning in” license to avoid discipline not an option

An Oklahoma doctor charged with overprescribing painkillers argues the state medical board didn’t have authority to discipline him because he had already “turned in” his license. But the board, in an action on May 15, 2014, disagreed. It revoked his license after the physician, Jarrett Gregory, failed to appear at a scheduled hearing.

The board voted unanimously to revoke Gregory’s license, deeming him unfit to practice medicine.

Gregory and his attorney claimed they felt they didn’t need to be present at the hearing since they felt the Board didn’t have jurisdiction to revoke Gregory’s license.

According to Lyle Kelsey, the medical board’s executive director, Garrett had turned in his license, informing the board he wasn’t going use his Oklahoma license any longer. But under board rules, licensees under investigation cannot relinquish their license.

Other doctors in the past have tried to argue, also unsuccessfully, that since they relinquished their license, they cannot be investigated by the board.

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