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High rejection rate of fingerprint data causes concern

Requiring fingerprints should be a simple method to weed out prospective licensees with a criminal history—right? Not so fast.

Good quality fingerprints allow the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to quickly identify applicants who have a criminal history. But according to a September 21 report published by Oklahoma News, many in the state are alleging newly required fingerprint background checks are unreliable and hinder the licensing process.

Most out-of-state nurses, for example, have to submit their fingerprints via old technology—that is, via ink and pad, which is then converted digitally. But this method results in a rejection rate of 33 percent, or nearly 700 rejections in 2015. The rejections slow down the background check process and delay licensing of new professionals. Further, the process can be overly rigid, requiring teachers to resubmit their fingerprints if they want to work in child care facilities during the summer.


Read the report here.