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Governor steps in to get classmate’s pending revocation cut to fine

A three-year investigation of an Oklahoma surgeon who allegedly botched numerous operations that resulted in patients being paralyzed, and even patient death, abruptly ended after former Texas governor Rick Perry contacted state authorities on the surgeon’s behalf.

According to a November report by the Dallas Morning News, the abrupt halt to the 2013 investigation occurred soon after then Texas governor Rick Perry placed a phone call to Oklahoma state authorities.

The report confirms that the Perry administration did intervene in the case, which involved spinal surgeon Dr. Steven Anagnost, who was accused of serious violations involving 23 patients. The violations include fraud and mishandled surgeries that resulted in patient death and patient paralysis. The Oklahoma medical board sought to revoke Perry’s license.

According to the report, Perry called Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin on Anagnost’s behalf. Soon after, what looked like a certain revocation of Anagnost’s license turned into a fine and agreed additional training.

Anagnost, a school classmate of Perry’s, donated money to Perry’s campaign in 2011.

Perry is currently facing felony charges for abusing his power as state governor in threatening to defund the state’s public integrity unit and slandering the democratic prosecutor of the unit.

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