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Groping chiropractor punished with regular lie detector tests

A chiropractor with an “extensive” history of groping female patients, will have to undergo lie-detector examinations, among other conditions in order to keep his license.

Stuart Hoven must always have a female chaperone present when examining female patients, the Iowa Board of Chiropractors ruled. Hoven was first accused of inappropriately touching patients in 2004. He was briefly suspended in 2005. The board suspended Hoven’s license in January 2013, after two women reported that Hoven fondled their breasts during their treatment.

Nonetheless, the Board has reinstated Hoven’s license, provided that he always has a woman present whenever he’s treating female patients. Hoven also must take regular lie-detector tests, continue his psychotherapy, and consult with a Minnesota chiropractor who has agreed to be Hoven’s mentor.

“I am surprised, given the fairly extensive history here,” said Elizabeth Barnhill, executive director of the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Barnhill was concerned that a female chaperone may not be enough to curtail the chiropractor’s compulsions, or that the chaperone, if an employee of Hoven, would be reluctant to tell the proper authorities if he acted inappropriately with his patients.

The chiropractic board wrote that Hoven’s case resulted in a very difficult decision, and chose to reinstate Hoven’s license under a permanent probationary status, asserting that Hoven seemed to be taking “responsibility for what he did wrong.”

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