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Don’t even study reciprocity anymore, Florida lawyers agree

Florida’s Bar Board of Governors has unanimously rejected admission by motion with or without reciprocity, according to a November 15 report published by The Florida Bar.

In U.S. law, admission by motion is a procedure where an attorney allowed to practice in one state, can gain admission to practice law in another state without being required to have to take the state’s bar exam.

Vision 2016, a commission that aims to identify and assess potential predicaments relating to the law, initially supported admission by motion, but later changed its position, according to the report.

In the vote to reject admission by motion, the Bar Board of Governors unanimous voted to disallow further examination of the issue by Vision 2016.

According to the report, the overwhelming majority of attorneys in the state of Florida opposed the motion since it would inevitably bring more attorneys into the state and diminish earnings.

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