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A Doctor Without Borders: ‘Sexting’ Doctor and Board Reach Settlement

Photo by Joi Ito,

A Florida physician and the Florida Board of Medicine have reached an agreement after allegations of inappropriate “sexting” surfaced while the physician was working at a Lakeland walk-in clinic.

In 2011, physician Tuan Dean was accused of inappropriate texting and sharing of lewd videos with a patient. What followed was a reluctant primary witness and a frustrated medical board. The witness, who came to a female physician in 2011 to report inappropriate misconduct by Dean became reluctant over the course of the investigation. As such, DOH prosecutors warned the Board of the difficulty in prosecuting Dean’s case.

Dean did not deny the allegations, instead claiming that he was overworked and “stressed out.” Initially, DOH prosecutors and Dean’s attorney, Michael L. Smith, came to an agreement of a $10,000 fine; taking various courses on rules, ethics and risk management; a requirement that a female health professional be present whenever Dean treats a female patient; and compliance with the PRN program.

Dean, however, denied that settlement, after which the board offered a harsher settlement, along with a temporary prohibition of treating female patients altogether.

According to a recent article published on August 20 by Villages News, Dean has finally reached an agreement with the Board. Dean must present a one-hour lecture within a year concerning doctor-patient boundaries. Dean will also have his license suspended until he pays a $10,000 fine and take courses in ethics. According to the ruling however. Dean will be allowed to treat female patients without supervision once the above conditions are met.