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Rogue doctor? 86 year-old’s license permanently retired

Photo by Matt Hilger

Michael Lewis, a pain management clinic owner in Chattanooga, Tennessee, used to pick up 86 year-old physician Daniel Hamaty from a senior-living complex twice a week and drive him to his clinic to fill out prescriptions. But no longer. Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners has been cracking down on unscrupulous physician activity recently, and has taken action against four Chattanooga physicians who committed various medical offenses ranging from over-prescribing of pain medication to practicing with a revoked license.

Hannaty, who specialized in pain management, received a reprimand and permanent retirement of his license after the board found him to be over-prescribing pain medication at the clinic, which listed Hamaty as the owner, according to a August 22 report by the Tenneseean. The board’s report stated, among other factors, that Hamaty was unethical in over-prescribing medication, failed to keep proper documentation of medical activity, and failed to “ensure proper licensure of clinic’s health care providers. Hamaty was also cited for “failure to maintain adequate billing records and proper medical records for seven years.”

A spokesperson for the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners could not comment on whether Hamaty had any previous disciplinary actions placed against him.

Hamaty had several medical articles published in the 2000s, primarily focused on ethics and claims that pharmaceutical houses are a “prostitution of scientific medicine,” and that the modern day physician “stands painfully by as controlling health institutions, whose medical directors are not held to the same code of medical ethics, condone the withholding of treatment.” In his writings, Hamaty cites several ethical quandaries that seem to promote a more liberal use of pain medication despite preexisting rules that admonish such practice. One conspicuous example deals with a doctor self-prescribing pain medication and not keeping proper records.

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