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Fake license scandal involves Tennessee state workers

Multiple Tennessee state workers have been implicated in the illegal sale of cosmetology and barber licenses, according to an October 12 report from Tennessee’s News Channel 5 Network.

A second former state employee, Barbara Hendrix, has been found to have been involved in the scandal, and she apparently signed a legal document acknowledging her involvement.

Hendrix, once the state’s cosmetology inspector for Davidson County, has refused comment according to the report, but state regulators have affirmed that Hendrix signed a statement conceding she was involved in a scheme to sell fake cosmetology licenses.

According to the report, Hendrix made tens of thousands of dollars helping numerous cosmetology establishments obtain fraudulent licenses, which the state is now moving to revoke.

Hendrix was fined $34,000 for her involvement in the illegal scheme, but will not face criminal charges, according to the report.

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