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“Drug dealer” doc’s license revoked at last

After years of criminal and disciplinary proceedings, a New Jersey neurologist called “a drug dealer” by the state medical board has finally had his license revoked for improperly prescribing countless narcotics and overcharging Medicare.

Magdy Elamir’s license had been suspended since 2009, after he was charged with second-degree distribution of a controlled dangerous substance, second-degree health care claims fraud and third-degree Medicaid fraud (Elamir pled guilty). According to a November 26 report in The Jersey Journal, Elamir was also indicted in 2012 on charges of health care claims fraud, Medicaid fraud, and unlicensed practice of medicine.

Elamir allegedly wrote numerous highly addictive prescriptions based on nothing other than the verbal requests of patients. Furthermore, the board discovered, the neurologist fraudulently “upcoded” office appointments to overcharge Medicare.

Patients would “line up” outside Elamir’s office seeking narcotics they were refused by other doctors, noted the administrative law judge of the case.


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