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Texas sunset panel seeks to eliminate 15 licensing programs

A report by the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission seeks to focus on "areas of true state interest" by eliminating 15 occupational licensing programs that, according to the Commission, could be deregulated with "little impact on public health safety."

The report addresses four primary questions in assessing the necessity and legitimacy of occupational licensing programs:

• Does the program serve a meaningful public interest and provide the least restrictive form of regulation needed to protect the public interest?

• Could the program's regulatory objective be achieved through market forces, private certification and accreditation programs, or enforcement of other law?

• Are the skill and training requirements for a license consistent with a public interest, or do they impede applicants, particularly those with moderate or low incomes, from entering the occupation?

• What is the impact of the regulation on competition, consumer choice, and the cost of services?

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