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Michigan requiring license for pharmacy techs

A new Michigan law will require pharmacy technicians who perform certain functions to be licensed for the first time. In passing the law in September, the Michigan Senate explained it was to “protect patient safety, minimize the diversion of controlled substances and allow pharmacists to focus on patient care.”
Under the law,  individuals are considered to be pharmacy technicians if they perform any of the following functions:
    • Assisting in the dispensing process;
    • Handling transfer of prescriptions, except controlled substances prescriptions;
    • Compounding drugs;
    • Preparing or mixing intravenous drugs for injection into a human patient;
    • Contacting prescribers concerning prescription drug order clarification, which does not include drug regimen review or clinical or therapeutic interpretation; or
    • Receiving verbal orders for prescription drugs, except orders for controlled substances.
When it takes effect December 22, 2014, the law will require specific education or experience in pharmacy technician practice, working knowledge of the English language, a criminal history check including submission of fingerprints, and passage of an examination.