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Louisiana physician indicted for threatening Federal Officers

3308079338_c8c107bc7f_bLouisiana news outlet the Times-Picayune reports that Dr Shannon Caesar, a family practice physician, faces up to 30 years for drug offenses and threatening Federal Officers. Having been investigated for over a year, the 43-year-old was recorded telling an informant that “if (the DEA) come in there with a warrant I’m going to kill every single one of those sons of bitches.”

This is the latest of a litany of offenses Caesar is alleged to have committed, including allowing others to use his DEA Registration number, and prescribing painkillers in exchange for money and sex. After temporarily losing his medical license in 2007 for similar offenses, Caesar fell back into old habits, selling prescription painkillers into a Louisiana community already struggling with an epidemic of opioid addiction, the Times-Picayune reports.

Full story by Jed Lipinski, for | Times-Picayune