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10% of state’s attorneys get ‘License Suspended’ Notice

The state of Arkansas launched an unusual crackdown on lawyers who failed to pay their license fees on time.

According to Sync Weekly, nearly one-tenth of Arkansas’ licensed attorneys had their license suspended on a single day, May 7.

The 934 attorneys were reprimanded for failure to pay their licensing fees on time. The fees help fund a number of state programs, such as a client security fund program and a mental health and substance abuse care program.

An attorney failing to pay their dues in a timely fashion is nothing new and there are a myriad of reasons for this. The report highlights attorneys who move out of state, but neglect to inform the state they’re no longer practicing there, as a leading reason for failure to pay state licensing fees.

Death is also a reason. After an attorney dies, evidence must be provided of the death in order for fees to cease.

Mistakes can also occur, and attorneys who believe a mishap has been made can appeal by providing evidence to the court clerk, the report states.

Read the report here.